Wednesday, June 17, 2009

~ aKhiRnyA ~

after few years....
we actually met again...
we first met n became frens in UDM
but i was offered masuk maktab...
well now known as Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia... it was my dream 2 persue my studies there n so here i am, so far away from besties..
x lar jauh sbenarnyer
kesibukan makes us apart..

AkhirNye kitorg dpt bertemu haha..
dnie came down 2 malacca n stayed at my house..
abiskan mase 1 ari ngan jack..
dpt jmpe kesygn jack yg sweet 2..
dpt g MICET tgk kesygan dnie training yay!
it was fun sbb dpt cuci mata hikhikhik
then jack bwk pegi A'Famosa...
but most of all, i was happy till today..
well dnie n jack will be my Besties 4ever..
we were apart 4 few years bt true frenship never ends
thats what we r having now..
hey darl... love both of you..

zaki ngokngek

cuTie dNie

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