Thursday, November 4, 2010

Its Late & I can't Sleep


It 3a.m now n hell I can't close my eyes..
My Dear is already asleep & I don't want to disturb him..
I confess, its hard to sleep without his lullaby.. =p
My mind keeps swirling & suddenly I miss my besties..
Duh! its late ok, so stop thinking..
but I can't..
I hurry get up, get my lappy working & start looking at their photos..
still can't get over..
Hello! Angau ke Wawa??
nth, pelik btol..
I have friends here in Kelantan, I even have besties here..
but since they're in front of me & even sleeping next to me, won't make me miss them..
I would when we're on break..

Besties that I miss are the ones I made in Primary, High School & a month Diploma in TESL..
First would be Maslina..
People would think she's a Chinese Gal..
She is mixed Chinese-Malay..
Maslina, she isn't the type who would always text or call u..
but u can count on her when u needed help..
she's funny in her own way & people would easily make friends with her..
I love her "shy2 cat " face.. it makes me laugh..
She is still the same Maslina I know from Primary to High School till now..

Second would be Evelyn..
I can't remember how we became close..
but I do remember we were sitting next to each other in class..
hating MR Lee together..
help each other with homeworks..
Then we were in the same class in high school till we were separated in Form4&5..
She's bubbly, loud, laughs a lot, soo talkative..
its great to gossip with her.. she has tons to say..
Evelyn is a mix of Indian & Sarawakian..
I love her looks.. Its not that typical Indian look she have..
She's just pretty.. =)

Joanne Low, a girl I started befriend in Form 1..
I was in a boarding school for 3 months but went home later on..
obviously homesick would be the reason..
Low Kwee Ling is her chinese name..
thts what i call her at first..
pfffttt!! its on her nametag..
how would I know I'm suppose to call her Joanne..
I'm new remember..
She's baba nyonya yg sgt comel ( she's gonna kembang when she reads this)
She's cute, talkative, naughty, mischievous at times and she would suddenly
act mature, demure, pelik at times haha! She's fun to be with!  
We had quite a big misunderstanding rite b4 we finish high school..
we didnt talk to each other for quite some time..
but we did straighten things up after sme time..
and now we're close like b4.. Its just immature acts..
she'd currently in Sabah..
I miss her!

Dnie Alias, a gal from Terenggnu.. sgt tinggi..
she's cute, sgt manja.. haha!
she's the youngest in her family..
loves cat but currently allergic to cats..
I could remember she was so sad when I have to 
leave UDM (now known as UNISZA), to pursue my studies in IPG..
She visited me once in Melaka..
moment I won't forget.. it was great..
She is still my bestie & will always be.. =)

Maslina & me.. Pipi kami same2 tembam..
 Aset kami 2.. haha!

Evelyn Priya.. Nice name, pretty girl..
Just found out she got a tattoo.. I'm soo gonna call her tmr.

Cute Joanne.. Gonna meet her in Sabah soon =)

Si chantek, Dnie Alias.. Nie pic mse Dnie dtg Melaka
sgt ske pic nie =D
I noe they're multi races rite..
I usually hang out wif Joanne & Evelyn back in Melaka..
They're nice..
They know what i can & can't eat, do and so on..
they do respect my religion..
They don't influence me to do things I'm forbidden from doing..
they're just friends u can count on, talk to tru good & bad..
Gals, I miss u all a lot..
Can't wait to go home & meet..

p/s: I am a former student of Methodist Girls School.. U should why they're only girlfrinds =p

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