Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be More Sensible~


This entry isn't pointing on anyone's nose..
I'm writing it out for us to share..
Things happen in this world..
Some are good and some, goes the other way round..
I'm sorry if any readers are offended, I'm just sharing..

You dun seem to realize that you dun have the manner when you ask for help.. You think its ok to speak that way.. There's manners you know, you need to brush up on that.. You thought people care about stuffs you have, that millions you parents earn.. You should realize they got sick each time they hear you boasting around..  You always have green eyes~ You need to relax.. Everyone have their own sustenance.. Just live with what you have.. If you don't you'll be living a disaster.. You always have that sour face and you keep ogling to us as if we're enemies.. God knows how soft-spoken you became when you needed our help.. You're so fake~ Sorry to say..

I dun hate you, but you need to realize, how much you hate people to border bout you, that much they hated when you borders.. Its easy for you to say "I never want to see their faces again after this".. Do you realize they feel the same way too? You keep groaning.. I wish I could ask you to stop & start being grateful.. you dun realize when you made a fren your slave.. 

I'm not perfect either, no one is.. you just need to enjoy every minute of your life wisely.. Be grateful, be happy and be sensible.. You ain't that bad as a person.. You're just overcautious.. =)   Live a good life in your future..

I'm not pointing on anyone.. Its people I met in this 23 years
I've been breathing.. No specific person pointed ok =)
Peace no war babes! =D

Thanks for reading! =)


h.u.m.a.n - e.n.g.i.n.e.e.r said...

lama tak hapdet blog.
tunang eh?

Wawa Amran said...

Mmg pun.. A week b4 cuti rya, busy dgn asgnts.. Raya mmg x online sbb umah tok xde wi-fi.. =D Tunang? Xlar.. Si Lelaki pun xde, duk raya kat pelantar minyak.. =)