Friday, December 2, 2011


Assalamualaikum & Good morning.. I didn't sleep last night.. I had been working on my lesson plans.. Rechecking the book.. Some journals not done and reflections been left out.. Its for my interview next week.. Bo0lat was here to talk.. He keeps me company thru phone..Talked about few things with Bo0lat.. Great talk.. He made me realize a few things that had never cross my mind.. He even made me cry with his words.. TQ Bo0lat for being here with me thru thick n thin.. I'm certainly not a good girl but you have been my mr nice guy.. What I like the most is the way you stick up with me, not leaving me suffer alone.. TQ.. TQ Allah for him..

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TecerWidad said...

Bertuahlah badan dapat pakwe best! hehehe