Monday, December 5, 2011

Pen Off!

I'll be away from home for a week.. Off to Kelantan for my interview, at the same time, we'll fetch Adeq Akeer.. He finished 3 semesters in Besut and will be going for practical in Melaka next year.. I'll be in Kelantan till Friday.. I might not be writing till then.. There's nothing much to write anyway..

I am now struggling, preparing myself for the interview but I still manage to smile.. People I love, family especially had made my day.. I'm still tired but I'm gonna try my best during the interview.. Wish me luck! Pray that I'll have a safe journey to Kelantan & back to Melaka..

Sad that I'm not able to go Kedah for a coursemate's wedding.. Parents have been kind of strict to me.. Darah manis has been the reason.. Still, i'll be attending a close friend's wedding on 10/12.. A friend thru hardships during primary & secondary school.. She's a friend I've known for a long period.. everyone's excited for the wedding since we're gonna meet each other after 6 years! Yeay! Ok, gotta get back to work! Great week everyone.. Bye!

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TecerWidad said...

Alahaaaaaaai. Tak dapat la nak merasa chicken chop baling. Cakap la kat parents, darah manis tu diabetic saja. Hahahahah.