Wednesday, February 2, 2011

For You~

She's bubbly, very mischievous, loves to crap,
She's cute I can say, some people thought she's malay..
I called her chinese name when we first met and
she totally hate it.. Now I call her Joanne..
We had big argument in 2005 but I'm glad that it ends 
several months later..
We're far apart now.. She's away in Sabah,
I'm in Kelantan.. 
1st February, its her bufday!
I kinda like that date, I don't know why..
Didn't manage to get her any present this year..
but promise to make it up to her later..
Happy Birthday!!

I hope this entry is not too late..
Thanks for being my friend since 2001..
Don't end it.. Best friendship I ever have..
I wish you all the best in your undertakings..
Have good job, great life..
Stay just the you are now, its
perfect enough..
Sorry can't celebrate CNY this year
and sorry for this year's present.. =P
Its your final semester right?
All the best & enjoy your last moments in Sabah..
But I'm sure u'll go back to Sabah teehee~
Forgive my mistakes & sorry in I didn't text or call you much..
Workloads, you know..
Send my regards to Mummy & Adek..
Miss u & Love you =)


Anonymous said...

HB to her :)

swwt entry u got here :)

Bo0lat's Heart said...

Thanks Macy!