Thursday, May 19, 2011

Listen to her voice just ain't enough~


I've not been updating for quite sometime..
I"m going through Final and you know
I have to make books as my best friends.. 
Heh, as if!

King & Queen of My Heart~ R.I.N.D.U!!

I miss my mom..
The voice I mentioned earlier is mom's voice..
I've miss her for months!
I can't wait to go home..
Who don't miss their mother right?
But I just can't stand this burden nemore..

I'm driving back to Melaka on next weeks's Thursday..
I wanna go home badly..
Mom says stop thinking about it..
I need to keep my focus on my exams
and I only have 1 more paper to go..

Gudluck to all trainee teacher's of IPG!