Sunday, November 20, 2011

They Far Away & also Near to Me~

Everyone have their own besties..  I have two besties back home and I met one in UniSZA.. Besties understands each other.. You would say negative things to make her realise.. My besties, kind of straight forward.. Joanne hates it when I change my mobile number.. It didn't take much effort for her to change my number in her mobile, she just hates it till she called me playgirl.. When someone change her number a few times, she's a playgirl.. Joanne Low's concept.. What I like about my besties, they would accept my opinion.. Being fair most of the time letting me make the decision.. 

Joanne called me her Gundik as I would follow her around and sometimes she would make fun of me.. But I do make fun of her to seek revenge! What's so great about it, we didn't seem to get hurt or angry.. We know its a joke.. We didn't care who have expensive mobiles or clothes.. nothing to brag about among us.. What we care the most is the bond we have, how fun it is to be together.. We would update each other, tease and laugh.. I miss those moments.. We're apart where Evelyn is in Kuching, Joanne is in Melaka & Dinie is in KL.. 

I share the same interest with Joanne & Evelyn.. We're soo obsess with Twilight movies.. Ask us, we know everything.. We would argue who's better, stronger and more good looking.. Each time we watch that movie we would agree that movie is full of raining hot guys in it.. I watch the first movie with my sister.. I went to Penang I guess at that time so they went for the movie without me... New Moon & Eclipse, I manage to catch them with the girls.. And the whole week will be a week with Twilight thingy in our fb account.. Joanne have the greatest obsession.. She would talk about the movie a few months before the premier.. And you should be able to guess how would she react when the movie is out.. You never wanna be in the situation haha!  I'm gonna catch Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 once I'm in Melaka.. But the chance of watching together is very low.. Of course Evelyn couldn't make it, she's in Kuching working & Joanne is heading to sabah for her convocation on 25th November.. I still have my sis.. She would want to watch that movie with me.. I hope so.. 

I have a best friend... A guy.. The only boy who's close to me.. His name is Zaki but I call him Jack.. Met him when I was furthering studies in Diploma in TESL.. but after a month, I was offered to IPG.. We stilll keep in touch and he would never miss introducing me to his girlfriends.. Am meeting the new girl, Intan this Thursday.. He is someone I would always be thankful of.. When I was offered to IPG, Dinie was not round.. she went to USM Penang for debate.. I was sad to leave her and it was more devastated when I couldn't meet her before I leave.. Dinie nearly fell off the bus steps when she heard the news and was not paying attention on the competition.. There was Jack, saving us by recording me giving my last words to Dinie.. Hell yeah I did cry.. so was dinie.. I'm glad she manage to find great friends later on and she's happy with her Ted!

I miss those moments together with the girls and TESLians.. At times I do have regrets of leaving TESL.. I was so interested in TESL.. Didn't manage to further in UiTM, I tried UniSZA, was known as KUSZA.. I dun mind the uni, I care about the course.. But I know I'm thankful to be in IPG.. I've been dreaming of being a teacher since I was a kid.. Decision made based on my dream..

How time flies.. Just a few years back I met Joanne.. I like her name.. Her name made us close.. Joanne Low Kwee Ling.. Then I met Dinie and Jack.. Now I'm gonna be apart with great friends in IPG.. There's always an auld lang syne.. May we cherish our life with happiness and get the best of us.. Will always treasure the friendship.. They light up my life and i know they will always do..


ijA said...

its not easy to find a good friends,

h.u.m.a.n - e.n.g.i.n.e.e.r said...

I was always interested to be a PTD but due to tak cukup tinggi, I learn to accept the fact being a teacher suits me best.

*ayat nak pujuk diri sendiri*

Wawa Amran said...

Ija: Yup its hard.. I dun have to be someone else around them, makes me love them much! =)

Tecer: Xpe tecer, you're doin great as a tecer.. Wawa mmg nak jd cikgu tp nk jd cikgu English.. Tup2 jd cikgu Pendidikan Khas.. Sekarang tak kesah.. dah suke dgn budak2 nie =)

* Tp selalu pujuk diri, untung jd cikgu PK dpt elaun lbh =P

TecerWidad said...


Wawa Amran said...

Tecer: Jeles kan... =P