Thursday, January 26, 2012

After Sometime =)


It has been sometime.. I was busy getting use to the new schedule.. I need to sleep early and most nights were fill with works.. My nights are packed and I would just hit the sack once I finish my works.. now am having a week off for CNY and days before, I was busy with relatives coming over & was away from home for a few days.. 

My work was not much.. I usually would finish my lesson plans for the next day in school.. I have to help Mak with house chores so my time were filled with works and will continue this way for a long time.. Have i told you about my school? It's an all boys school.. lucky to have posted to a primary school.. They're naughty & cute at the same time and yes, they are not afraid of me.. Not yet, I haven't show my true colors yet.. I'll them be happy with this soft-spoken Cikgu Siti first and meet the fierce Cikgu Siti later =P
Yes, I'm Cikgu Siti here.. 

SK Methodist ACS is the name of my school.. there's only 158 pupils in the school with 26 teachers teaching, handling & guiding the kids.. I'm a special education teacher with 14 pupils in this programme & 4 other teachers with me.. A small school in the middle of the city, yes its very rare.. We have a very limited space which explains why we have a very small number of pupils =)
For now, I am very happy in this school.. the teachers are helpful.. The headmaster is very lenient, caring and open.. I have been to school for a week and I still have lots
 of things to catch up and learn.. 

It actually only takes me 5 minutes to get to school but I need to go out early as I have to face the traffic every morning.. There's 7 schools in that area with equal number of malay & chinese students makes that bad traffic.. Most students will have their parents to send them to school.. You can imagine how many cars will be in and out of that area.. A 5 minutes route became 15 minutes with that bad traffic.. Friday, never ask.. I get headache when it takes me almost an hour to get home.. 

Somehow, I'm thankful and glad to be so near.. I wouldn't worry much since I'm around to look out for Mak & Abah.. For now, I'm staying with them.. Not going anywhere & didn't have any plan to do so.. I hope everything will run smoothly.. My works, my life and all.. I'll try to update more soon.. I have to get back to my work now.. tata! =)


TecerWidad said...

Best of luck dearie. takyah pikiaq sgt pasai sekolah. sampai kiamat tak abes. hahaha

Wawa Amran said...

Thanks kak! Xmo pikir n kena pikir.. Tp mlm je lar br start pikir.. hehe =P