Friday, January 27, 2012

Insane, Crappy, Lunatic

Joanne labelled each one of us including herself.. We met yesterday to do some catch up.. We have not met for quite some time.. I think it has been  year or more.. Evelyn was suppose to fetch me at 2 but she was stuck in a traffic and arrived around 2.40pm.. Sent Emily, Evelyn's sis home and off to fetch Joanne.. Jo was a lil quite in the car.. I was awkward when she did't talk much but she's the same old Joanne when we arrived..

I love both of them.. I did't call them often.. I don't even text them much but I noe this friendship is going strong.. I do that with my other best friends.. this friendship is the longest I have.. Evelyn & I are friends since primary & I met Joanne when we were in Form 1.. I miss them a lot.. we were still studying when we last met and now, all of us are working! Time flies, I know.. Joanne was not happy to hear me getting married in September.. Ohh dear, I'll have time for you.. I bet Ery will allow me to hang out with you.. =)

Here's a few photos of us.. Saved them from Joanne's album.. 

1Malaysia! haha! 


Joanne hugs me a lot but we're straight ok.. 

Hope to meet them again soon & I hope they'll be able to attend my wedding especially Evelyn.. She's working in Kuching.. I love my gals! =)


TecerWidad said...

wahhh. dalam sibuk memanjang sempat berjimba. jeles i. akak super duper bizi dgn sukan. bajet kencang sgt mcm jaguh padahal habuk pun tarak. kakaka

Wawa Amran said...

Kebetulan cuti CNY masa nie.. Dpt cuti seminggu, berjimba kejap hehe~ Wawa pn dh start busy.. X lme lg terlibat dgn sukan Pendidikan Khas peringkat negeri, kene bertugas..

diba said...

wah..sonoknyr..oh ckgu yee

Wawa Amran said...