Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lagu Sekolah ACS.. Tempattku berkhidmat =)

Dear ACS O glorious name,
We lead thee on to fame,
Depend on us to do our part,
With mind and soul and heart!
In all we do in work or play,
We'll do it fair in ev'ry way.
So forward march to victory,
With stout hearts unweary

Dear ACS We're proud of thee,
With hearts so light and free,
What thou hast done in many ways,
We sing this song of praise.
With pen and hoe and spirits gay,
We'll rise up and we'll never fail.
So onward march with prayer and hope,
Let success be our goal.

By: Messrs. Chua Cheng Chye
Chye Khooi Khean

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